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October 2021

We helped a leader reach 98% satisfaction in customer care

Intuitive Code helped a customer reach 98% satisfaction in customer care while experiencing exponential growth during the pandemic.


High-performance 1-on-1 customer care


Platform solution

Project Overview

During the pandemic our client experienced exponential growth. He approached us asking for a collaborative easy-to-use solution that could be utilised by anybody to provide dedicated support anytime on any device preferably integrated with Google Meet.

Here's a brief list of the requirements. Customer wanted

  • An easy-use collaborative solution to get next level excellence in customer care
  • A collaborative always online solution for meetings
  • Smooth integration between Google calendar and Google Meet
  • No need for users to install any software.
  • To ensure privacy and confidentiality
  • To be used in 1-on-1 online meetings (B2C), but also on team meetings (B2B)
  • To maintain zero technical issues
  • To be able to exchange files, comments, history to be accessible anytime.


Intuitive Code team executed the project during the first stage of the pandemic. Artificial intelligence chose the app among tens of thousands of potential solutions. Then, we created custom templates for the client and users. We automated the creation of users.

Collaborative easy-to-use tool to manage online meetings

We did not have to work on-premises to accomplish the job for the client. We did not have to create an onboarding for the client since the tool proved to be easy-to-use and highly efficient. The client invested one hour and a half to describe the list of requirements during the initial meeting. Thereafter, we carried out follow-up sessions of 30-minutes with the client using the same solution.

Project Results

Intuitive Code solution helped the customer responding to the exponential growth during the pandemic maintaining his availability during 24x7 for one-on-one and group meetings reaching a level of 98% satisfaction. These results were accomplished while companies in the same sector experienced lay offs and shut down periods.

  • We measured the quality of the results performing several follow-up sessions during  a period of 8 months.
  • The customer reached 98% of customer satisfaction decreasing by 27% the time to manage online meetings.

We also work with common people helping their visions to go live.

“Saved my business during the pandemic”

I started using this bot builder, and although it is intuitive, easy-to-use, I ended up asking the team to create and maintain it saving me time for our business.  I recommend Intuitive Code turnkey solutions to anyone. The revenue soared 70%, while the downside would had been closing during the pandemic.They came up with solutions.

Miguel Moreira
Engineering VP at Google

“AI-powered video and web service is a gem”

I give them the URL to articles on my blog, and they create stunning videos which I am using on my social media channels and presentations. The number of followers and traffic increased over 1,800%. Thanks to them my website scores 100% on GTMetrix vs 74% before. The site loading time decreased from 4.3 to 1.5 seconds. Truly fantastic.

Miguel Moreira
Engineering VP at Google

“Best Solution for your Nextcloud server”

I am using Nexcloud to securely store and share my files, and it helps me collaborate with my team and customers while keeping control of my data. Intuitive Code offered the best Nextcloud solution to take the hassle out of backing up and transferring data.

Head of Product at Twitter

“True Experts in New Technologies”

Intuitive Code successfully built efficiencies into our business model doing an outstanding job. They also helped to find the best location in Portugal.

Sam Parker
VP of Marketing at Twitter
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