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When Choosing a Host for Your Nextcloud Server, Things You Need To Consider

Which is the best option to have my Nextclould server?

When it comes to choosing a server for your Nextcloud installation, you have a plethora of options from which to choose. You can either host with a web hosting service or set up your own hardware. This article discusses some of the features available on Nextcloud, offering the best  solution to have your server without self-hosting nightmares.

Nextcloud is certainly great, but

  • Are you prepared to install and maintain your server?
  • How are you going to solve technical issues once they happen, and they will?
  • Do you believe that you can easily find a solutions on a forum?

Although many individuals are tempted to migrate to Nextcloud, unfortunately they end up selling out their privacy by remaining attached to common cloud providers whom offer incentives, perks, and an easy-to-use approach.

At Intuitive Code we design and build strategies from scratch. Although, we continue using Google Workspace we have never used it to share information between team members or personal reasons.

Nextcloud gives you access to all your files wherever you are.

Where are your photos and documents? With Nextcloud you pick a server of your choice, at home, in a data center or at a provider. And that is where your files will be. Nextcloud runs on that server, protecting your data and giving you access from your desktop or mobile devices. Through Nextcloud you also access, sync and share your existing data on that FTP drive at school, a Dropbox or a NAS you have at home.

Because your data is everywhere

Right now, nearly ALL data there is about you is stored at half a dozen companies, with names changing per country (Facebook, wechat, Vk, Google, Weibo, Tencent, Microsoft). They know where you live, what you search for, who you talk to, what you buy, what you eat and --probably-- what you think.

I use Nextcloud to securely store and share my files, and it helps me collaborate with my team and customers while keeping control of my data. Intuitive Code offered the best Nextcloud solution to take the hassle out of backing up and transferring data."

Because knowledge is power

Your data represents who you are and can easily be abused. And power gets abused. Always. Maybe by a local politician who doesn't like that you discovered his fraud. A local police woman who likes your boyfriend. A well connected businessman who likes to buy your store for cheap. A crime syndicate annoyed you try to help drug addicts kick off..

We care about privacy for you

Even if your data isn't abused --they promise not to, right?-- isn't it nobody's business what you do? We believe privacy is a right, a foundation for democracy. And we like to help you get it back. And running your own, private Nextcloud server is the best way to get started!

Intuitive Code deploys Nextcloud servers for oganisations and individuals.

Start your day informed - the dashboard

The Nextcloud Dashboard is your starting point of the day, giving you an overview of your upcoming appointments, urgent emails, chat messages, incoming tickets, latest tweets and much more! Users can set their status so others know what they are up to.

Share files with others on your terms.

The easy web interface allows you to share files with other users on your server, to create and send password protected public links, to let others upload files to your cloud and to get notifications on your phone and desktop when a user on another cloud server shares files directly with you. And you can do all these things from the desktop or mobile clients, too.

Designed for you to collaborate

An efficient, easy to use interface is one of the main things that sets Nextcloud apart from the competition. Design is about more than being pretty. The goal is to allow users to get work done with the least amount of effort, making it obvious how to accomplish tasks and reducing the number of steps needed to do so.

Good design can be seen in the entire user interface and each release makes steps forward.

Mobile and desktop clients

The free Nextcloud clients for Android, iOS and desktop systems allow you to sync and share files, in a fully secure way through an encrypted connection. The mobile clients feature automatic upload of pictures and videos you take and can synchronize select files and folders. The clients can handle multiple accounts, show all activity happening on your server and notify you of new events such as the availability of new shares.

Secure audio and video calls

Operate your own secure and private audio/video communication service! You can access it through a browser, invite family or friends and collaborate in a group through secure, end to end encrypted audio and video communication. The WebRTC, peer to peer communication channel can not be intercepted even by the admin of the server. The talk app also supports chat and comes with mobile applications for Android and iOS so you can call others from your mobile phone!

Watch a demo

Best option to have Nextcloud - Say No to Self-hosting.

Running your own server takes work and maintenance costs, so Intuitive Code makes it easy for anybody delivering a ready to run, reliable, secure, high-performance VM for you and your family. Forget about self-hosting, paying to developers, backup issues, migration and update nightmares.

There are many more features to explore. Contact us to discuss the benefits for your organisation. You can trust us to deploy and maintain your Nextcloud server. We have special conditions for existing clients.

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