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Platform Updates. Release Notes for September 2022

I wanted to update you about the awesome new stuff our team implemented in September 2022 for those interested in recent trends, natural sciences, technology, geopolitics,
climate change, and finance.


Firstly, we doubled the number of real-time analyses helping users upgrade to a paid plan by using the profits generated by executing our signals. In addition, we included studies of distinct levels of complexity from 1 to 10, giving 100% accurate signals in all of them. Hence, we have seen users achieving profits over $500,000.

Secondly, we implemented highly accurate, effective predictive analytics in Intuitive Code One, an invaluable feature only available in advanced plans like ClickUp AI Live and Vision.

Thirdly, we redesigned the site for members, making content available at the click of a button.

Intuitive Code One

Let's discuss the most popular item in September 2022, Intuitive Code One. We've seen an enormous adhesion from existing ClickUp AI clients who added the bundle to their portfolio. In addition, Intuitive Code One, the enterprise version for professionals, became the best-selling product outnumbering the standard version.

Global updates

Now, let's move into the real stuff; the reason you are here. We released over ninety brand-new asset analyses and over three thousand signals. None of them reported a loss. We covered companies listed on NASDAQ, the New York Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India. Notable, isn't it?

We continue seeing tremendous growth in India and some Asian markets. We consider adding the Indonesian market soon.

Intuitive AI Live News

The web's beta version of Intuitive Code News is finally available for professionals. Whether we end up using the web, the existing version on ClickUp AI, or both, depends on you. So, please try the beta version to report your feedback to the team.

We released it in early 2018, today covering numerous categories like finance, technology, biotech, geopolitics, artificial intelligence, China, cryptocurrencies, and climate change. Today over two thousand companies and individuals rely on this product to make strategic decisions, regardless of their convictions and beliefs.

The University

To terminate, you booked us for a record number of hundred and forty-seven online meetings at the University. The most popular ones were disputing Charles Darwin, how perceptions turn into blind truth, The Impact of Ethereum Merge on Ethereum Price, and Disputing The Secrets of Fátima.

About Us

Intuitive Code creates artificial intelligence algorithms. Our research and analysis have applications in the fields of technology and finance. In addition, we develop apps and software robots powered by machine learning, predictive analytics, pattern recognition, and intelligent assistants to enable AI RPA.

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