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Intuitive Code Release Notes July 2022

Eager to succeed in the new world order? Then learn about the fantastic new features and updates available on the latest release. We invite you to learn about In addition, we bring another epic call calling Royal Caribbean's stock crash; no one in the industry has been capable of doing it.

Learn more by reading the article and by watching the video.

We invite you to watch the video to learn more about ClickUp AI project.

Expert Insights

Now, you find an extra layer of knowledge and presentation mode for our team's expert insights available in your ClickUp AI plan. In addition to the standard task view, you get a multi-media document linked to existing tasks and custom views, giving you another option to learn about them faster than ever.

We discontinued the publication of insights for members-only on public websites, increasing the level of confidentiality about the thematic of new items.

Improved omni-channel

Accept no compromises by working with established leading technologies and partners. We offer sales and expert assistance on ClickUp AI, but also to external users by email, SMS, Whatsapp, phone, audio, and video. In addition, we provide a self-serve help centre. We continue our never-ending quest to make our products the fastest money-making platform on the planet!

Some highlights:

  • We improved the description of products in the help centre,
  • We added detailed specifications for each product, namely the most popular ClickUp AI plans💥  
  • WhatsApp conversations are now available in the messenger for you and our team.
  • We brought in bi-directional SMS on Intercom omnichannel, and automated SMS notifications on ClickUp AI.
  • Now it is easier than ever to chat with an expert rather than a boring bot.
Intuitive Code on WhatsApp
Intuitive Code on WhatsApp

More Features. Same Price

Even though we have added valuable features, pricing remains the same.


Intuitive Code University is where you learn about indisputably proven principles by collaborating in real-time with your mentor and other learners, helping you to build your system to make the best decisions to reach ultimate value.

We carry out numerous online meetings per year discussing an extensive range of topics in critical areas of technology, biotechnology, electric vehicles, neurosciences, artificial intelligence, geopolitics, and others. We offer standard features like audio, video, and live chat, but also advanced ones improving the meeting efficiency like a whiteboard, mind maps, tasks, and user's active role screen sharing. In addition, you may bring your project up front for everyone's discussion. We include free access to lessons in specific ClickUp AI plans.

What's Ahead

We have more exciting news coming in August release notes.

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