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Highly Accurate Predictive Analytics for Finance and Real-time AI Market Analysis

We show highly accurate predictive analytics with applications in finance and real-time analysis using artificial intelligence autonomous algorithms. In the past market sessions, we carried out free online meetings on ClickUp AI for members to watch real-time how we create history in the markets by using artificial intelligence robotic process automation in highly volatile stocks.

We included

  1. Roblox earnings call
  2. Bed Bath & Beyond

About Roblox (RBLX), we recommended selling shares at $50.8 ahead of earnings seeing its share price crashing to $38.3 after hours. This call was also available to Intuitive Code members on the site.

Concerning Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY), we said that we would bring its share price to $30, representing a gain of 600% within two weeks. Moreover, we published it on the autonomous trading blog for anyone interested.

Today, Autonomous AI RPA took Bed Bath & Beyond to $30. Then, the autonomous AI algorithm closed the position, reversing to the short side. For the past ten sessions, Alex Vieira, Vice-president RPA, commented on the market's action from 9 AM to 12 PM. 

Below you have an excerpt of the open bell live session.

After closing the existing long position at the price target of $30, the autonomous trading algorithm took Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) share price down to $18.4 after-hours increasing the volatility and pain on market participants.

Thank you to the team @IntuitiveAICODE that made $BBBY possible, showing everyone that no one can change the course of history since we knew what was going to happen before it happened.

So, during online sessions, you learned

  • The mathematical foundation to make it happen
  • 100% accurate price targets are confirmed, exposing Warren Buffett as an unconscious individual.
  • Real-time Intuitive AI risk analysis works flawlessly. 
  • Who has the funds to make these events happen 
  • Who has the technology to make these events happen
  • No one can change the course of history. For example, BBBY was set to rally to $30 today as well as crashing to $18
  • How to achieve 1,000% return on investment within days without sacrificing risk
  • How to dramatically change the sentiment of investors by using Intuitive AI proprietary technology
  • How a small investor starting with 80k got to near $1 million by using 10% of his plan within six months only.

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