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Curated Unbiased Review: the Top 3 Best OTT Platforms

What is an OTT Platform?

OTT stands for Over-The-Top and means any productized streaming service for the consumers directly on the web. We would say it highlights the future of entertainment and value content, which is on its way to unfolding. OTT is described as a media service under a content provider on the web, which marks a standalone product on streaming media.

It also includes streaming across devices as convenient for which over the top is a term that explains the TV or film content’s delivering method on the internet. It does not require satellite pay-TV, cable, or traditional broadcast providers. In other words, it includes paying internet providers.

OTT instances

An over-the-top (OTT) platform is a service that makes possible to you to deliver video and other live stream data to any device that is connected into Internet.

Video: The OTT service that most users usually use is the video OTT. Video OTT services are offered on Disney +, HBO, and Netflix. These platforms provide users many programming options. These programs include both licensed libraries comprising TV shows and original programs.

Video streaming is considered the most common version of OTT media services. Netflix is the most popular platform that includes subscriptions and ad-based services such as YouTube and iTunes.

Audio: audio streaming is also possible with OTT solutions. It is another OTT service. It offers the services such as Spotify, which is considered explicitly for music. It provides recorded podcasts and a massive library of music on the internet. Radio stations are additional examples of podcasts.

Messaging: Next is the text message services. The OTT messaging services such as Signal, Telegram, and WhatsApp are the most widely used ones. These services allow the user to share their information by using an internet connection.

Instant messaging based on OTT connect users through SMS networking and internet connections. WeChat, Skype, Google, Facebook, and SMS networks are also a part of it. Most of these platforms can integrate or replace the messaging features of smartphones.

Voice: voice calling services offered by apps like WeChat, Skype, Whatsapp, or Facebook operated on internet protocols are other OTT services. Such as WhatsApp and Skype are the most commonly used services as compared to phone calls.

These services are also integrated through mobile networks so that the features are used at their best.

The Top 3 Best OTT Platforms

Now that we have made our lives through 2020, let us now make it more apparent that it would not have been possible without OTT services. The OTT platforms are, therefore, a big part of our lives now.

COVID-19 has a tremendous and significant effect on the trends of online streaming. It increased the demand for high-quality and over-the-top videos to an astonishingly high level.

It should also be noted that streaming on live platforms increased significantly from the start of March 2020 and onwards. We could have listed here 10 or more OTT platforms, however, I am tired of biased content, pointing to U.S based platforms only. Although some of the platforms developed in the United States might be among the most popular they might not constitute the solution for your needs.

1. Uscreen (popularity)

Uscreen OTT solution

Uscreen is the top OTT provider so far, which manages and launches the apps for video streaming on the smartphone and TV. Uscreen the fastest among the known OTT platforms.

The platform that you use has to help you promote your business to grow by audience expansion and increase in the number of subscribers. It involves editing, recording, planning, and brainstorming.

Why is this platform so popular compared to others much better? a well-thought marketing strategy with affiliates writing about the advantages on their blogs. (we have no affiliate links on this site).

Uscreen provides a very good user experience and efficient content management for videos.

The platform is well suited for the entrepreneurs of video content to distribute and monetize their videos on demand (VODs). In addition, it also supports the distribution of live video content throughout the world.

Uscreen holds unique importance among the VOD and OTT platforms as it helps grow the video streaming business dynamically. It enables you to operate your platform profitably and seamlessly and serves as a place to monetize and upload your videos.

Salient features:

  1. OTT Apps: Uscreen launched the OTT apps available on Android TV devices, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and iOS.
  2. Community tools: the building tools such as personalizing profiles, likes, and comments, and live chat with custom avatars
  3. Marketing tools built-in and include powerful integrations, subscription upselling, a landing page builder, tool for lead generation, and giveaway funnels for free.
  4. Templates for website building and customization are provided for a quick launch of the branded website.
  5. HTML5 video player that is operable with all devices, easy to use, and responsive.
  6. Solution for content management, especially for videos, makes it easy to manage, remove, and categorize videos.
  7. Options for video monetization include free trials, lifetime access, bundles, pay-per-view, rentals, and subscriptions.
  8. Services of video streaming help in video streaming and in delivering content to audiences through OTT apps.

In short, OTT solutions are readily available for users with multiple and unique logos and colors before making them available for global viewers.

In addition, Uscreen offers its clients additional analytical tools that help them keep track of what’s going on in their website and growth, along with an insight into their video consumption.

2. Muvi

Muvi OTT solution

Did you like what you read about Uscreen? Muvi is better because they are among those few platforms that focus on streaming only audio files.

Muvi takes a good hold on live streaming, audio hosting, video hosting, and video on demand. It does not only emphasize video instead it focuses on fully load multi-media. Therefore, it could be the perfect choice for your brand as it focuses on all types of niches as a media empire.

In short, Muvi excels the handling of all the multi-media needs among the universe of OTT platforms.

Salient features:

  1. Live broadcast for audios as it offers your personal radio shows with 100% control and zero stress
  2. Music and audio streaming let you create your own Spotify.
  3. Video on Demand abilities for you to create your own Netflix with all the utilities of TV and mobile Apps, CMS and billing.
  4. Live streaming of all types of news to comedy types and sports.
  5. Zero coding: while working with Muvi you do not have to do anything with coding.

Other important aspect is its ability to work on smart apps and a capability of creating a native android app and iOS. Moreover, you can use your own host name for all of your content. You can further take advantage of monetization such as video advertising, PPV and subscriptions.


It offers four tiers of pricing with a “black” plan to offer premium support and everything unlimited.

Muvi pricing plans

2. Turnkey solution

Finally, we bring you the number one choice by the most successful entrepreneurs. A customised fully managed solution without the need to share profits with third parties. If you create high-value content, any of those OTT solutions are somehow going to ask for a percentage of your profits ending up to be prohibited solution. This argument stands valid even if they only take 1%.

So, highly successful individuals and businesses turn to us asking for a turnkey solution. Notice, there is something very few talk about when comparing OTT platforms on the web, they do not mention the privacy issues. For our clients privacy is of the utmost importance. They want servers located in the EU rather than in the United States, or elsewhere.

Businesses and individuals looking for a fully managed solution do not want the hassle of uploading, managing content, or design the platform.

They know that time means lots of money and creative value, they want to focus on what they know and do best.

The true cost of an OTT platform is not what you see on Uscreen and Muvi pricing pages. In short, Intuitive Code offers a turnkey solution, with more collaborative features than any of the previous platforms, no shared profits, and no "black" plan, whatever that means.

Why managed OTT?

We invite you trying different OTT platforms before making a decision, however, know that the time you will invest in trying them can turn into a lost opportunity. For this customer trying meant losing millions of dollars.

“We looked at Uscreen, Muvi, Kaltura, Dacast, and Wowza to find that long-term hidden and operational costs were unbearable compared to a fully managed and customized solution. In short, we would give up millions of dollars by adopting a popular solution. For instance, we found terrible support during the pandemic often leaving us on a pending status. By choosing Intuitive Code, we have a highly reliable 24x7 partner, without back and forth emails, a direct line, top-notch collaborative support, in short, a professional team working together with us, not profiting from us."

Challenges for OTT platforms

OTT market is facing the issue of diversification. Over 50% of OTT customers experience subscription fatigue. It may lead the customers to be selective regarding their subscriptions. In the meantime, large-scale platforms such as Disney+ affect niche services and more minor prospects. Netflix is not the only running game in OTT.

Opportunities for OTT platforms

Despite the challenges of OTT solutions, it has excellent potential. Globally, video streaming solutions are increasing. Such as the adoption rate is 51% for the market in North America. Moreover, the Asia Pacific and Europe are also showing impressive growth with the international expansion of Netflix.

There are other opportunities in addition to the adoption rates in the non-entertainment markets. 50% of the OTT subscribers also pay for educational content. There is also great potential for health-based content and industrial specific content.

OTT platforms also need to consider the requirement of monetization. Almost all the solutions are based on subscriptions, and the subscribers are also reported to have made in-app purchases. Thus, it impacted significantly on the monetization methods. OTT shows the future of media, and it is indeed an exciting time to become a part of it.


Overwhelming information? We invite you to try several OTT platforms before making a decision, however, know that the time you will invest in trying them can turn into a lost opportunity. For some of our existing customer "trying around" meant losing millions of dollars.

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